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Scavenger Framework.jpg
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Scavenger is a concept gaming idea using augmented reality which has become a big trend in the digital world, and you can hardly meet a person who is not familiar with it. Based on your location this program would send notifications to the user to provide them new AR content related to a given place using  Location-based AR that works with visual markers. It would detect the user's position with the help of a GPS, an accelerometer, or a digital compass and overlay the augmented reality objects on top of real physical places. The idea behind the game is to set up daily live scavenger hunts for users to track down locations for in game rewards.



This is a concept idea to bring educational and recreational access to the underprivileged or mobility deprived audiences. A tour of your favorite city or museum can mean all the difference if you are unable to gain access beyond your means. The main idea is to digitally map different environments for exploration by the audience using a VR system. An entire classroom from a midwest town could tour the ancient streets of Italy or stand on the beaches of Normandy to learn first hand about WWII.

2rs Menu Interface.jpg
kids on tour image.jpg
2rs Wireframing.jpg
2rs global mapping Interface.jpg



Here is some of my business experience for a  web & mobile device proposal. This project focused on creating and ordering custom t-shirts made easy through the use of online catalogs and an app selection service. This presentation demonstrates how easy it is to place orders, select services and pay bills via the mobile portal. This product would mainly be used  by company sale team members while meeting with clients. The app allows the user to impose designs on model templates for prospective clients.

Shirt Designs.jpg
Clothing Web App Displays.jpg
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